Incógnita Incógnita is the name that we give to the figure who preside and protect Arqueología Ecuatoriana Website, from all the windows. Its origin is anecdotal, like almost everything in the ecuadorian archaeology practice. It is a unique artefact, without known context, falling in our hands from a paradoxical manner.

Iconographic interpretation

Silla Manteña

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Written by Patricia Knobloch   
Monday, 03 October 2011 05:52
There are no translations available at this moment. Thanks for your comprehension.

The British Museum has been building its online digitized database for some years now. Though many entries are still awaiting images, a substantial number of Andean objects are available for study. The advanced search engine is quite complex. I recommend using the basic search page to begin:

The results can be sorted by images only.  Once an image is selected the viewing page has a very useful feature of linking to "all objects" with terms on that page. Each image has a link to a larger image and some of detailed images. Another nice feature is the availability to order "free" images for print publications. There is also a link to send them corrections: "Noticed a mistake?" The conservation notes can be quite explicit. And, they do ask for donations to help pay for conservation labor and materials.


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